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Special Announcement!

Miracle USA and Noya Global Resources Join Forces to Help Communities In Need Nationwide.  Introducing Helping Hands Global Community Emergency Resource Group!

Brinda Nettles of Noya Global Resources arrived in Bay County to assist with the initial clean-up efforts only 24 hours after Hurricane Michael hit Bay County.

Kim Czachorowski of Miracle USA arrived in Bay County to assist the community in re-building the foundations of the community in August of last year.

When Brinda and Kim met, it didn't take long for the both of them to realize that by working together they would bring an even greater level of assistance to Bay County, and beyond.

As both ladies have hearts to serve people and an abundance of energy to get it done, it was only natural to combine each others 20+ years of contacts and resources to help communities throughout the United States.

Now,  we have the combined resources to help all levels of our community re-establish it's foundations to support all the wonderful forward movement for Bay County!

For more information about assistance available, please contact the Miracle USA Hotline 833-777-MUSA (6872)