Miracle USA Gets A "Thumbs-Up" From Business and Non-Profit Groups

Across New Jersey

Miracle USA Professional Business Network has been contacting business groups and non-profit groups across New Jersey in an effort  to gain their assistance through  participation and support of the community project management programs Miracle USA has been working on for their State.  Group leaders are happy and excited that serious business and non-profit assistance is being offered, and are assisting Miracle USA in bringing together community-level businesses and non-profits through membership with Miracle USA. 

Miracle USA Professional Business Network  has created processes and systems for start up or existing businesses or non-profits  that really help them determine their business needs and set them up for success.   The Miracle USA "Dream Team" works together to provide nationwide networking and specialized programs that are specifically geared to bring the specific services needed to help the specific needs of the communities they work in.

Feel free to contact Miracle USA for additional information:

[email protected]

Ralph Ferullo; Director of Community Outreach; Non-Profit

[email protected]

Kevin Andrews; Director of Community Outreach; Business

[email protected]

"Together, ALL Things ARE Possible!"

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