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This month's article is provided by Ralph Ferullo; Co-Owner of RMK Consultants and member of the Miracle USA "Dream Team" serving as National Director Community Outreach, Non-Profit Division

"Now I Know"

After many years of working in corporate America and private business I have arrived at a place where I always envisioned myself.  

Over the last five years I had lost not only the sight of my dreams, but the initiative to keep working towards them.  I accepted my position in life by what others choose for me and settled into a mindset of this is it, so I’ll ride this out to the end.  I had lost the believe that hard work and dedication pays off not only financially, but with respect, a sense of accomplishment, and most importantly the belief that I can influence others to be their very best by my actions and faith.  How I came to realize my dreams are again alive and attainable was not just being in the right place at the right time, but also realizing that with faith comes action, with action comes success and with success comes looking around and experiencing that proud moment of knowing your commitment to yourself has improved the lives of all those that you have touched.  This all happened for me when I met The Gardener.  We initially had conversations about where we were in life and where we dreamed of being.  Her vision seemed like pie in the sky at first but after a few months of challenging, soul searching dialog I started to realize “All Things are Possible” and began one heck of a journey that is just getting started.

Alas, I became part of a team of visionaries with one basic value: let’s help our communities by supporting businesses and nonprofit organizations in a way that has never been offered before.  Let’s show the small business owners and the nonprofit organizations that they can also rejuvenate theirs dreams by working together for not only their individual benefit but more importantly the benefit of the community.  Miracle USA Professional Business  Network has created programs and strategies that will effectively put their members in a position to improve the economic situation within their communities.  Although Miracle USA Professional Business Network offers a wide range of business services, funding programs, and investment strategies,  most important is their commitment to support their members throughout the programs and beyond.

Individual commitment to a group effort-that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.


To contact Ralph directly:

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"Together, ALL Things Are Possible!"

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