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Community, Humanitarianism, Patriotism, Commerce, Endurance

Community. Humanitarianism. Patriotism. Commerce. Endurance.

Resorts Atlantic City Hotel & Casino

As we considered our options of selection of a showcase community, we considered several factors, most importantly the level of participation we could expect to receive from the bigger anchor-businesses in the community.  We know that our work within the community is far more effective when the entire community participates, including the big businesses.  Atlantic City was chosen, in part, by the iconic symbolism of community, humanitarianism, patriotism, commerce, and endurance that was established as Chalfonte-Haddon Hall, which still lives within the heart of Resorts Atlantic City.

Purchased by prominent hoteliers Leeds and Lippencott Company  and combined under the name of Chalfonte-Haddon Hall in 1890, the resort underwent major renovations including replacement of the majority of the site from wood to brick and extending the resort ever closer to the boardwalk. During World War II the resort was utilized as the largest soldiers hospital in the United States and was renamed Thomas M. England General Hospital from 1942-1946.  Leeds and Lippencott Company re-opened as Chalfonte-Haddon Hall in 1946 even as other hotels in the city were falling into disrepair and demolition due to down market conditions.

Once gambling was legalized in 1976, Resorts purchased Chalfonte-Haddon Hall and maintained its structure and its roots within its renovation.  Resorts saw Atlantic City's value, it's history, and it's economic situation and chose to bring the opportunity of gaming and big hotel to Atlantic City and New Jersey.  All at once, our communities began reaping the benefits of increased job opportunities, increased conference attendance, and overall increased tourism.  Oh yes, Resorts has maintained community, humanitarianism, patriotism, commerce, and endurance through the decades as the heart of Chalfonte-Haddon Hall once did.

Once again, Chalfonte-Haddon Hall, now Resorts, stands strong amist the chaos.  Determined with resolve to assist in Atlantic Citys repair and triumph.  Ready, willing, and able to help Atlantic City thrive again by allowing Miracle USA the opportunity to open our services to the City of Atlantic City and the region of New Jersey and Philadelphia at their iconic location.  They know that the community must be re-juvenated and thriving for the community to succeed.  They know we are here to help.  

Thank you Resorts Atlantic City for your commitment to your community.

-Submitted by The Gardener

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