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Dear Readers,

We here at Miracle USA Professional Business Network are so pleased to be able to deliver to you our first issue of The Miracle USA Gazette!  We have been working hard to bring you the services and support you need to really become successful and this publication will enable our readers to keep up to date on all the additional support services we offer along the way.  We have a lot of communication and opportunity announcements in this issue, all of which have been created specifically for the needs of the businesses and non-profit organizations at the COMMUNITY LEVEL.  

Miracle USA focuses all of its energy in project management, by assisting and blending the specialties of businesses and non-profit groups within communities to create a synergistic opportunity, increasing community exposure through cross-promotional marketing and event-related co-operative initiatives.  The method we use is simple.  We first help the business or non-profit individually, then we blend their specialties together with the other Miracle USA Members.  This blending is not exclusive to the community level, as we encourage and assist in developing relationships between all Miracle USA Members Nationwide.  As we are a project management team, our expertise is with working with groups, and we welcome any business or non-profit for group assistance as well.

It must be understood that when you work with Miracle USA Professional Business Network,  you are working with a company which was created on the basis of all parties, at all times, benefiting equally.  This said, the "parties" mentioned are many and varied as we work within communities.  Our effect may begin with businesses and non-profits, but ultimately ends with greater community job availability, housing availability, and overall community drive to work together, for the benefit of the community members as a whole.  Miracle USA connects with those who believe, like us, that this is not a competition but a mission and I personally expect each and every Miracle USA Member to become responsible to the community to which they serve.  In my opinion, to drive business in any other fashion would be counter-productive to the long term sustainability required.

As a fellow entrepreneur, corporate strategist, change management specialist, and emotional intelligence trainer I also understand the difficulties that community level businesses and non-profits experience daily.  Getting a business or non-profit into top shape involves making sure the owner and/or key executives have the ability to connect to the right people.  The right people are those who reflect the same level of value and integrity in everything they do.   The people who understand that by integrating the members of the community we create a better economical and sociological impact.  They are the people who have been what you have been through, and are here to help you get through it.    Yes, we provide all the services you need.  Even that, because without that, you limit your potential, and it's all about your potential and your dream.  We want you to be the best you can be, so you can give the best you have.

Going forward, you can expect me to begin bringing to light corporate culture issues and ideas on a monthly basis.  My discussion will be focused towards the owner and other key level executives who are responsible for developing and maintaining the very important foundations of the corporate culture.  My insights will be based on an "all parties benefit equally" and "community" mindset.  I welcome any topic recommendations as well.  I am happy to be guided to your specific needs.  Please email those requests to: [email protected]

Thank you for reading our publication.  Thank you for joining us.

The Gardener

"Together, ALL Things ARE Possible!"

About The Gardener

The Gardener brings her specific skill set to the team, providing the following services to business and non-profit organizations:

Corporate Strategy Consulting

The 4 R's Community Success  Training Program

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Spokesperson; Miracle USA Professional Business Network

Editor-In-Chief; The Miracle USA Gazette

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