On Friday, September 1, 2017 Miracle USA officially announced Atlantic City, New Jersey as the community chosen as their "Showcase Community." Miracle USA selects certain communities within its "YOU Are The Miracle!" Business and Non-Profit Expo regions, to provide direct hands-on assistance to businesses and non-profits in that community. Having the ability to provide concentrated efforts to specific areas, Miracle USA has the ability to affect not only the success of those ..... (read more) 

Miracle USA Professional Business Network is excited to announce the launch of their "YOU Are the Miracle!" Business and Non-Profit Expo kicking off on September 27, 2017 at Resorts Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the New Jersey and Philadelphia Region.

This event will feature .... (read more)

Miracle USA Professional Business Network realizes that sometimes businesses and non-profits do not need outside assistance for services, but may require some help and direction on figuring out what the best path for their intended purpose may be. That's why..... (read more) 

 As a long-time change management specialist and business consultant, The Gardener knows the importance of creating or re-creating the proper corporate culture within a business. The Gardener also knows that the corporate culture of the business starts with the business owner, which then trickles....  (read more)

Miracle USA and The Gardener mean business when it comes to providing help to the communities, and have developed a new program which will provide yet another method of assistance. The program is called "Dreampitch" and it awards three community-level business or non-profit organizations the opportunity to have The Gardener and The Miracle USA Dream Team apply their hands-on experience to get your business into tip-top shape .... (read more)

Miracle USA Professional Business Network has been contacting business groups and non-profit groups across New Jersey in an effort to gain their assistance through participation and support of the community project management programs Miracle USA has been working on for their State.

Group leaders are happy and excited that serious business and non-profit assistance is being offered ..... (read more)

This month's article is provided by Ralph Ferullo; Co-Owner of RMK Consultants and ....  (read more)

Community. Humanitarianism. Patriotism. Commerce. Endurance.

Resorts Atlantic City Hotel & Casino..... (read more) 

Miracle USA does it again with the EXCLUSIVE Members Advertising Page .... (read more)

Dear Readers,

We here at Miracle USA Professional Business Network are so pleased to be able to deliver to you our first edition of The Miracle USA Gazette! We have been working hard to bring you the services and support you need to really become successful and this publication will enable .... (read more)   

Fast Forward: October 2017

What's in store for October?  

-Launch  of"YOU Are The Miracle!" Business and Non-Profit Expo in Maryland!

-Miracle USA Announces Maryland "Showcase Community"

-And Much More!

The Miracle USA Gazette is a publication produced by Miracle USA Professional Business Network

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