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Real Estate News 

An ongoing series of informational entries

Miracle USA Welcomes our Real Estate Affiliates to the Network!

Real Estate is a big problem in our communities, and Miracle USA relies on the real estate community to assist them with Project L.I.F.E.  Miracle USA knows that the booming REO model has just about disappeared.  That's why they went to work to bring additional opportunities to the real estate community.

By working in communities that have tragic loss or serious housing issues, we are able to bring additional opportunities for private real estate investors nationwide.

This is just one way that Miracle USA brings assistance through our communities!  Welcome all new Real Estate Investors and Professional Services!

Real Estate News April 2019

An ongoing series of informational entries

Miracle USA Welcomes New Affiliate "Your Name, Business Name, Non-Profit Name" to our Network!

April 2019

Ohhh...the Real Estate Market.  The stick in the wheel.  A good stick it is, nonetheless, a stick currently.

The Real Estate Community is a prime focus for Miracle USA right now.  Although real estate investing is a slightly risky business at times, you cant beat the fact that it's always here.  In some capacity there is always an opportunity to capitalize on real estate in some fashion.

Right now, we have a mixed bag of issues out there which are seriously impacting community growth.  In some areas a literal strangulation,   One of the reasons for this is because the banks are selling the "problem" mortgages before turning them to REO's.  This has caused a tremendous back-lash across our blue collar workers as well as almost ground community growth to a halt across our nation.

If we look closely at the market, you will find that there is a current solution to our current problem, with just a little adjustment to your real estate investment strategy.  Purchasing a non-performing, or "problem", mortgage note not only offers the eventuality of a REO, but also offers investors multiple other income streams such as re-performing notes for mailbox money or sale.  And in the situation where investors literally "Become The Bank" by adjusting their real estate investment strategy, not only does the investor create multiple income streams for himself but also assists the people in the community by helping people stay in their homes when possible, and when not possible getting it ready for the next person who is desperately in need of housing.

Miracle USA is here to help all aspects of our real estate community come together in mutual assistance.  And we want to see your progress, hear your happy stories, hear your horror stories, and we want your advice.

Miracle USA has available non-performing note packages through one of the Miracle USA Real Estate Investor Affiliates.  And we also have an educational program in MUSA University to help you learn how .  We even have available the "REV Up! USA Program which is a start-up business opportunity to become a Miracle USA Community Organizer, which enables you to become a mentor-coach with our program.

We need all the help you can bring.  Please. Join us.

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