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This month's article is provided by Greg Bishop of Raymour & Flanigan Egg Harbor Township, 

Sponsor Member of Miracle USA Professional Business Network

The Personal Benefit of Good Ole' Fashioned Customer Service

Working for Raymour & Flanigan offers me opportunities every day to work hand-in-hand with people with all walks of life, and from all around our  community.  I, like all business people, want to provide good customer service.  

But what exactly makes a true difference?   

There are two questions I ask myself every day.  The first is "what will the customer remember?" When a customer leaves my store, they will have several thoughts and opinions before they even get to their car.  Was my salesperson nice?  Was he professional?  Was he knowledgeable?  Did he handle any issues I may have had?  Was the store clean?  Did the store have a positive atmosphere?  It's simple, but if you can answer yes to all of these questions you are way ahead of the game.

The second question is "will the customer return? "  This is the big one in my industry.  Not all purchases are made on the first visit as people tend to shop around.  What will make a potential buyer return?  If the customer left your store in a positive frame of mind, chances are pretty good!  If you acted professionally, the customer will automatically assume your company is professional from top to bottom.  If you answered their questions, the customer will tend to assume you can handle anything else that may arise.  If you have quality people working around you, the customer will assume you have a quality product.  Seems simple right?  But imagine if they left your store the first time with a bad taste in their mouth!

I take personal pride in enhancing customer service at Raymour & Flanigan.  I run into customers all around our community and when I see them at the Wawa, the beach, out to dinner, etc. and they say to me "Hey!  You sold me my livingroom set!" 

 I can hold my head up high and say "Yes, I did!"

To contact Greg, send him an email at [email protected] or call him at (609) 407-9404

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