Miracle USA Launches #TellUs! Campaign on Social Media

The community organization projects that Miracle USA creates are largely based on the specific needs required by the specific communities they work with. Although Miracle USA does have a wide variety of business services to help, the community organization requires specifics. “It’s simple” says The Gardener. “The more we know about the needs, the more we can provide the resources. Our Members are a core network of people who believe that their success largely depends on the success of others, including the community. And although lending is available through our Members, we work first on a barter-exchange basis to get the gears moving. In most cases, those that need funding need help to do what is necessary to be considered for funding. Our projects pull it all together from beginning to end.”

In addition to the surveys on this group, Miracle USA encourages businesses and non-profits to share business-related communications and encouragement with each other. Miracle USA knows the strength of the community depends on the strength of the relationships in the community. This platform is designed to assist this process of communication. Miracle USA project management teams are also available for discussion on this platform. To participate in the Facebook surveys of the #TellUs Campaign or to start a discussion, go to: Business Page #TogetherALLThingsArePossibleAC

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