Miracle USA Turns "Showcase Community"

 into "Community Showcase"

Last month we reported that Miracle USA announced that they selected Atlantic City as their “Showcase Community” and they are certainly living up to their promise of bringing assistance directly to the businesses and non-profits in Atlantic City as well as surrounding communities. New members are just beginning to see the mechanics behind the movement with increased advertising ability through Miracle USA supported methods as well as cross-promotional efforts managed by Miracle USA between Members.

Miracle USA works to bring businesses, non-profits, and individuals together at the community level to create a grass-roots style marketing system so that all work together for the ultimate benefit to the community. “It’s all about opening the doorways of communication and assistance to each other, for the benefit of all involved,” says The Gardener. “We help get the doors open, create the pathways to greater community impact, and help keep everyone connected through continuous co-operative marketing and advertising initiatives.” “Essentially, we are teaching the community how to repair the damages rather than continue the pain of removing the band aids.” Miracle USA has all the services a business or non-profit could need either through direct offering or through an offering through one of its Members, further enhancing the services to the community. 

 For more information about Miracle USA, email Member Services: [email protected]

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