Community Connections:Community Impact Power Project Presentations Begin in Atlantic City

As a community organizer, Miracle USA has created a “Community Impact Power Project” for Atlantic City and surrounding communities which explains how the project operates by connecting businesses, non-profits, and individuals together at the community level. New Members are working together with Miracle USA’s project management team to host Community Impact Power Project Presentations which introduce the project to other businesses and non-profits in the area. Meanwhile, Miracle USA’s Gardener works with key business groups, non-profit groups, and individuals to create a multi-level, multi-community exchange base with purposeful community outcomes.

These presentations will be advertised through Miracle USA’s social media pages, email alerts, and this publication. To keep up to date on the location announcements, Miracle USA suggests “liking” their Facebook Page or signing up on their website for email alerts which include Miracle USA Gazette releases. Find them on Facebook @MiracleUSABusiness or web

For larger groups who are interested in working with Miracle USA, please contact The Gardener via email: [email protected]

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