The Miracle USA Gazette

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Influencers Thoughts April 2019

An ongoing series of informational entries

Miracle USA seeks Influencer Affiliates Nationwide!

April 2019

Miracle USA understands that it's tough to be an entrepreneur these days, and even tougher to be a non-profit with books in the black.  We know that you have been met with seemingly insurmountable challenges, regularly, in your quest of fulfilling your dreams.

We know the quest, although sometimes difficult, is truly one of the most important pieces of a sustainable community.  It's not about the big box retailers so much.  We weren't meant to be drones our whole lives.  We weren't meant to live a life of poverty because our dreams are just-so-far outside of our grasp. However small or large they may be, these dreams generate the jobs and income at the rate in which the community supports it.  So in Miracle USA's eyes, you need all the support you can get to keep going after that dream of yours.

Miracle USA needs experienced business and non-profit owners who have learned how to keep getting up until you achieve your dream, to share their stories, their industry insights, and their way of living with our Affiliates.

We were meant to share what we have with others.  Your experience is more valuable than you believe.  You have the ability to give courage and hope to those who need it.  We need your help.  Please. Join us.

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