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Prices and availability of materials and supplies are tough in Bay County.  We have the answer.

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Well construction sure has changed over the last several weeks...with pricing and availability of materials really causing a big problem for contractors.  So, Brinda and Kim decided to bring discounted materials and supplies to the Bay County contractors.

We will begin with sheet rock and insulation, with pricing to include warehousing your order as well as delivering your daily needs from that order directly to jobsite!  We will be making our first order on May 1st, and are offering special pricing for any contractor that wants to place a pre-order!  Click here to see the full flyer for pricing.

We also offer the ability to order other items, as long as you have an adequate place of storage, until we have fully expanded our warehouse space which we are expecting to be completed by July. 

We are here for our contractors.  We know you need to maintain the capital you have to provide more help, and we are doing all we can to help you.  We appreciate your dedication to the task.

Have a question?  Post the question on the Miracle USA Business Facebook page and someone from the team will respond!  You can also contact the Miracle USA Hotline: 833-777-MUSA (6872)


-The Gardener