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Qualified, quality construction help and consulting is hard to find.  

We have both. Introducing Brinda Nettles; Noya Global Resources!

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When we first arrived, we immediately got to work helping with construction.  Our first order of business was to create relationships with General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, and Specialty Licensing Contractors.  Now, with Brinda Nettles, we have over 200 contractors who are appropriately licensed and insured working together to complete the maximum amount of repair and construction, in as streamlined a time frame as possible.

Most contractors are looking for a pipeline of work.  We put the people together to get the work done.  And every day we work to assist them in gaining the tremendous capital needed to keep on moving.  We are ready for everything and we are already out there working for you and with you.  Residential.  Commercial. Development Projects.  Government and Military.  Bring it.

We also can help with the construction consulting side, assisting General Contractors in organizing the sub-contractors necessary to complete their jobs and helping with the oh so important job management and reporting.

This has so far been our biggest effort of all.  We are proud to offer the community of Bay County the necessary "hands on deck" to get people back in their homes, and make new homes available to replace those which are now gone.

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