The Miracle USA Gazette

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Community Happenings 

An ongoing series of informational entries

Miracle USA Solicits the Podcasting Community for Assistance

So much of our trust has been lost for media, and televisions are almost a thing of the past.  Podcasts however, are the way to connect to real people, in real time, with real value on their chosen topic.

And soon, the majority of our information, news, and education are going to be through these Podcasters too.  

Miracle USA likes this personal approach to working together a lot, and is seeking assistance from the Podcaster Community to bring their show to Miracle USA as an Influencer Affiliate and your educational modules to MUSA University!

We are building a podcasting network which starts with you and builds down to community-news based podcasts on local levels through our Community Organizer Affiliates.

Do you believe that #TogetherALLThingsArePossible?  Then join us!  We need all the assistance we can get!  Your services are needed!

Community Happenings April 2019

An ongoing series of informational entries

Miracle USA Seeks Community "Feel Good" Participation Nationwide!

April 2019

Miracle USA loves individuals who love their communities and would do anything to help it thrive!  When individuals or families join Miracle USA as Community Support Affiliates, the only thing we ask is that you take your pom-poms out of the closest and become cheerleaders for Miracle USA!

Again, it's important that we give what we have to help others, and this page is all about generating the "Feel Good" vibe that we need to gain the momentum needed to help support the changes in our communities!

We want feel-good stories and pictures of anyone doing anything to help others.  We know it sounds pretty simple.  And it is.   We are playing a game which will change the course of our history.  We need all the cheerleaders we can get to help us outsmart our opponents!  We need your positive energy, your hope, your excitement for a better future. We need your help.  Please.  Join us.

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