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An ongoing series of informational entries

Creative suggestions for community level businesses suffering through the storm....and the virus.

It is always difficult for community-level small businesses to weather a storm or a significant downturn, but this time it is really hitting us hard.  A double-whammy for Bay County businesses who were not prepared.  So how can you maintain or even grow your business while closed?  It's easier than you think!

As a community-level business, you are at the epicenter of driving the economy in your town.  The community relies on you for your services.  The community relies on you to provide jobs.  The community, whether apparent or not, judges its strengths through the apparent successes of its businesses.

One of the most common things I teach my clients is the importance of remaining connected to the community.  Through a re-designation of a portion of monthly marketing funds, businesses are able to back-feed the community through targeted donations favorite local non-profits.  When the business provides assistance to the community in this way, it tells the community that you care about what they care about, and that you are confident that you are here to stay.  This is connecting you to the community in a "we are in it together" type of way that has so many benefits.

Now that many businesses are closed or with limited hours, marketing funds are depleted a great deal which makes it impossible to  But, that doesn't mean the local non-profits shut down, quite the contrary!  They need as much help as they can get and there are plenty of things that you could help with that don't require cold-hard cash or even your physical presence.  

Community involvement to any degree is the sometimes silent, sometimes not-so-silent, key to any community-level businesses success.  The community needs the strength of conviction witnessed by contribution back to community, even through the tough times. 

So choose a local non-profit that you care and connect with and give them a call.  I bet there is something there for you to do.  This is the best advice I offer my community level business clients.  A no-cost or low-cost marketing plan that feeds the community the vital assistance it needs is a smart business move.  It grows respect, grows familiarity, grows brand, grows income, and grows the community who you depend on.  Everyone wins!

Article by The Gardener

So, what's up with YOUR business?

So many times when I speak with business owners, they are stressed out, financially maxed out, and when I ask them what makes them excited about "doing business" they simply don't have a positive response.

What I find in most cases is that the business owner, somewhere along the line, lost sight of their primary reason and goals.  When this happens, things go haywire and get stressful, and the business owner looses the drive and passion they had at the onset.  Even worse, most community-level business owners wrap their personal finances into their business finances, making the home life a stress factor as well.

The most important thing that a business owner needs to remember is that the entire business really is all about them.  What your long-term goals are, what schedule is important to you, how you want to live your life, what brings you happiness while working, and how you would like to be a part of the community are all factors to consider.

Right now is the PERFECT time to consider these things for yourself.  Re-think your objectives.  Re-think your goals.  Re-think your life.  If your thinking brings you back to the thinking you had when you were so full of fire to start your business, well get back to work with the new thoughts in mind.  If your thinking makes you resentful, angry, or stressed-out maybe it's time to either find another business you can throw yourself into or to get a regular job. 

The point is, it's all about YOU and what works for YOU.  When you pay attention to that, that's when the magic starts.  Either way you are going to be better off than before because you did what was right for you.

I wrote more about this topic in one of my blogs, click below to get a more in-depth understanding of the importance of your relationship with your business:

Article by The Gardener

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